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GCSE Art and Design


At Key Stage 4 you follow the AQA GCSE syllabus and study for three lessons per week.

GCSE Art and Design is a very practical, creative course, with no written paper. It involves exploring different aspects of Art and Design, which may include any of the following areas: Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Textile Design, Three Dimensional Design and Digital Photography (new media and technologies.) The course encourages you to work independently and develop personal responses to the themes set.

There are two units of work required:

Unit 1 is a portfolio of practical work. You can focus on achieving your full potential by developing your artistic abilities in areas that motivate and inspire you. It counts for 60% of the total mark.

Critical and contextual studies (studying the work of artists, designers and craftspeople) are integrated in to all practical assignments, and is an important element of the course.

Unit 2 is the externally set examination paper. This is given out in advance to allow for planning and preparation of ideas. The exam takes ten hours. It counts as 40% of the total mark.

All students prepare an exhibition of work for assessment.