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GCSE Expressive Arts


When you are studying GCSE Expressive Arts it allows you to develop your creative ideas and personal responses to the world through Art, Dance and Drama.

The broad skills you learn will be useful in any workplace mainly in the areas of communication, confidence and interaction with others.

Some students may use their specific arts skills to pursue a career as an artist, performer, theatre world, teacher or in the media.

During your three Expressive Arts based lessons you will study three coursework units and your teacher will mark all of your written and practical work.  It is 100% course work based

In each unit you are marked on how you:

a)            Recall, select, use and communicate knowledge of professional works.

b)           Apply skills and techniques, see and experience, plan and explore.

c)            Present your work / communication (i.e how you act, dance)

d)           Evaluate work


Unit 1

A task worth 30%   which is studied from January to March in Year 10


Unit 2

A task worth 30%   which is studied during the Summer and Autumn Terms in Year 10/11


Unit 3

An individual or   group task worth 40%

Tasks sent to us   from the exam board

Studied between   February and April Year 11

Moderated by visitor   in April/May of Year 11


You will be offered opportunities to work with professional companies

You can be creative and expressive in  Art/Dance and Drama



You will be offered theatre trips

You can work as an  individual and a group

You will be able to combine the arts in original ways in your  performances

You will create original  sketchbooks as records of your ideas

You will develop your techniques of research

You will be given planning and exploring further exciting stimuli to respond to

You will study professional artists and performers on TV/video/at theatre and galleries

The examination board for Expressive Arts is OCR – Available grades are  A* –  G