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GCSE Geography

GCSE Geography OCR A (studied by the current Year 11 2016-2017)

GCSE Georgraphy A J382

Unit A731: Contemporary Themes in Geography

50% of the total GCSE – 1hour 45 minutes –Written paper – 112 marks

This question paper has three themes:

Theme 1: Extreme Environments

Theme 2: The Global Citizen

Theme 3: Similarities and Differences in Settlements and Population

There will be questions on all themes

Candidates answer all questions

There is a separate Resource Booklet provided with the question paper.

This unit is externally assessed.


Unit A732: Geographical Skills

25% of tht total GCSE – 1hour 45 minutes – Written paper – 50 marks

Candidates anser all questions##There is a separate Resource Booklet provided with the question paper

This unit is externally assessed


Unit A733: Local Geographical Investigation

25% of the total GCSE – Controlled assessment – 50 marks

Local Gepgraphical Investigation uses the collection of primary data

Candidates complete a 200 word assessment under controlled conditions

Candidates complete one from a choice of four tasks

The assessment will be marked by the centre using a marking crieria grid provided by OCR

This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated


GCSE COURSE: OCR Geography A (Geographical Themes)

(to be examined 2018 for the first time – current Year 10) 

Year 10

Content Overview

  • Landscapes of the UK
  • People of the UK
  • UK Environmental Challenges

Assessment Overview

Living in the UK Today

60 Marks

1 hour exam paper

GCSE % – 30%

Year 11

Content Overview

  • Ecosystems of the planet
  • People of the planet
  • Environmental threats to our planet

Assessment Overview

The world around us

60 marks

1 hour exam paper

GCSE % – 30% 

Throughout Year 10 & 11

  • Geographical skills
  • Fieldwork assessment

Assessment Overview

Geographical skills

80 marks

1 hour 30 minutes exam paper

GCSE % – 40%