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KS3 Computing Course Outline

KS3 Computing
In Keystage 3 computing lessons, students learn the fundamentals of how computers work and how they can be programmed to perform both basic and more complex tasks. Students learn about the importance of computational thinking to analyse and solve problems by breaking them down into smaller parts. Both block based and text based programming languages are studied including Scratch and Microsoft Block Editor for the BBC Microbit and Microsoft Smallbasic. Digital literacy skills are taught to enable students to make effective use of technology in other curriculum areas and the importance of Internet Safety is addressed both in lessons and through working with outside agencies. Lunchtime clubs allow students to extend their computing knowledge and develop it further in areas of their own interest.
Year 7
Introduction to Computers – Hardware and Software
Spreadsheets and Mathematical Modelling
Block based programming in Scratch
Programming the Microbit
Year 8
Programming in Small Basic
Representation of Data in Computers
Creating Web Pages in HTML/CSS
Year 9
Problem Solving and Algorithms
Networking and Data Transfer – How the Internet Works
Data and Databases
Programming in Python