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KS3 English Course Overview


During Key Stage 3, students read and respond to a variety of literary, non-literary and media texts. They learn how to write for specific purposes and audiences and use different forms to present their material. They use the drafting process in order to refine and improve their own writing; considering spelling, punctuation and grammar. During their lessons, students have opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills individually, in pairs and in small groups. Over the three years, students build up a portfolio of work that is kept in school to demonstrate their skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening. Students have access to the library and are encouraged to become independent readers through the Accelerated Reader program which all students follow during Key Stage 3.

Year 7

Leaflet comparison – Brantwood and Beatrix Potter (reading)

Five Green Bottles – drama text and study of stage craft (speaking and listening)

Shakespeare – sonnets and extracts from plays (reading and writing)

Media – The Sandman review (writing)

Poetry – hobbies and interests (reading)

Talk about hobby or interest (speaking and listening)

Monsters and creations (writing)

Year 8

Types of text (writing)

Shakespeare – extracts from As You Like It, Hamlet and Macbeth (reading / writing / speaking and listening)

Media – animal welfare (writing / speaking and listening)

Poetry – ballads through the centuries (reading and speaking and listening)

Supernatural short stories – studying the genre and creating own texts (reading and writing)

Year 9

Speeches – analysis of famous speeches and identifying rhetorical devices (writing and speaking and listening)

Poetry about parents and children, including Wordsworth (reading)

Persuasive letters – analysis of anti-bullying posters and formal letter writing (writing)

Shakespeare – Macbeth play: GCSE style study and Year 9 exam text (reading)

Original writing based on places – study of Thomas Hardy, Katherine Mansfield and John Steinbeck (writing)

Extracts from Jane Eyre – approaches to GCSE study (reading)