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KS3 Geography Course Overview

KS3 Geography Course Overview

Year 7

Bench Mark Exam

Our Local Area. (Coniston land use mapping, journey to school)

OS mapwork skills. Field Work – Coniston Village/Ruskin Museum

Ice Age to the present. The Glaciated Lake District. National Parks

Where will I live and housing around the world, urbanisation focus on India

British Isle Map and Assessment

Arctic/Antarctica/Russia – extreme environments


Year 8

Limestone Landscapes (Geological time, rocks, weathering, soils)

Field work – Limestone Hampsfell Grange-over-Sands

Europe Map and Assessment. EU + Migration

Shopping and Globalisation. Retail survey and mapping/land use – Coniston

Climate and Weather Patterns over Europe

Investigating Africa – Congo (TRF) (eco systems)

Energy and natural resources. Middle East – Hot desert environments


Year 9

World Map and Assessment

Tectonics – earthquakes and volcanoes – Japan

World Development (Primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary). Focus on Africa

(Fair trade topic to fit in with Fair Trade Fortnight)

Population – China

GCSE course starts –

Coastal Environments. Field work – St Bees.