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KS3 Music Course Outline

KS3 Music Curriculum Overview

Music is a unique form of communication and as such enables students to develop skills that can be transferred to other subjects.

Pupils need to understand the key concepts that underpin the study of music in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding. These will be developed through performing, composing and listening. Students will focus on developing their instrumental skills on keyboard, guitar and drumkit as well as their essential musical skills through the elements of music. Collaborating and working with others as musicians as well as adapting to different musical roles and respecting the values of others is a vital part of the musical learning experience.

Each year group will study, analyse and compose from a range of different musical traditions and cultures which will be linked to further studies in Key Stage 4.

The following projects will be covered in each year group:

Year 7:

Samba and Calypso, the Orchestra, Chinese music, Folk music of the British Isles.

Year 8:

Reggae music, Arabic music, Baroque music and ternary form.

Year 9

Britpop, Indian and Punjab music, the Classical Concerto, Film music.