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KS3 R.E. Course Outline

Key Stage 3 topics – R.E.

Year 7

  1. What is R.E.?
  2. How and why do people worship?
  3. What is the big story in the Bible?
  4. What does justice mean to Christians?
  5. Why was Gottama Buddha so special?
  6. What is a Buddhist’s goal in life?


Year 8

  1. What is the best kind of guidance?
  2. Journeys as a pilgrim & a tourist
  3. Did Jesus save the world?
  4. What makes a Gurdwara special?
  5. How should a Mosque call its people to prayer?


Year 9

  1. Who am I?
  2. Life after death
  3. Why is it hard to believe in God?
  4. Has science ditched God?
  5. Does suffering make it impossible to believe in God?
  6. A return to Buddhism