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School texting system

Dear Parent/Carer

Text Messaging  

The school has the facility to text parents via the Schools’ Messaging Service (SMS), which has proved useful on a number of occasions.

I would be grateful if you would ensure your correct mobile phone number(s) are included on the data collection sheet enclosed in this pack.

Please be advised that we can only send the message to first priority parents/carers of the student, even though we may hold more than one number on file. Please check priority of parent/carers on the data collection sheet and amend if necessary.

Could I suggest that you enter the school text number of 01539 234016 into your mobile phone as a contact so that you can be sure any messages received are genuine. Please note this is a new number to use from September 2012 so please update your phone.

You will also be pleased to learn that school are able to receive texts through the same number.

To advise school of your child’s absence you can now:

  • Text – using the above number of 01539 234016
  • Send an email to admin@johnruskin.cumbria.sch.uk
  • Leave a message on the answerphone – 015394 41306
  • Telephone from 8:30am onwards if you wish to speak to someone on 015394 41306

As we hold your mobile number in the system we are able to ascertain if the text is genuine. If you attempt to send a text from a mobile phone un-registered with the school the text message will not be delivered.

Letters Home

In order to improve communication with parents, school would like to offer you the opportunity to receive letters from school via e-mail rather than the present method of hard copy.

If you would like to be receive information in this way, please ensure your correct e-mail address is included on the enclosed data collection sheet.

Yours sincerely

Mrs M Bailey