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School Timings


Dates for the School Year 2011 – 2012

Autumn Term 2011

INSET Day Tuesday 6th September
Wednesday 7th September to Friday 16th December
Half term: Monday 24th October to Friday 28th October

Spring Term 2012

Wednesday 4th January to Friday 30th March
Half term: Monday 13th February to Friday 17th February

Summer Term 2012

Monday 16th April to Thursday 19th July
Bank Holiday Monday 7th May
Half term: Monday 4th June to Friday 8th June

TERM DATES 2012 -13


School closed Monday 3rd September Training Day
Tuesday 4th September Training Day
School opens Wednesday 5th September New Academic Year Induction Day
School closed Friday 26th October Training Day
Monday 29th October to Half Term
Friday 2nd November
School opens Monday 5th November
School closes Friday 21st December Christmas at 3:35pm
Number of school days 71


School opens Monday 7th January
School closes Friday 8th February Half Term
School opens Monday 18th February
School closes Thursday 28th March Easter
at 3:35pm

Number of school days 54


School opens Monday 15th April
School closes Friday 24th May Half Term
School opens Monday 3rd June
School closes Friday 19th July Summer at 2:00pm

Number of school days 65
Holidays absence in Term Time – Governors’ Statement
‘John Ruskin School puts education first. Removal of students from school during term time can cause disproportionate damage to their education. It is, therefore, expected that paretns will not arrange family holidays except during the school holidays. While Governors recognise that there may be considerable educational opportunities to be had from travel, they feel that these are the exception rather than the rule. The Headteacher has been asked to actively discourage parents form causing their children to miss schooling.’